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NZBGet - How to cha...
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NZBGet - How to change the post-processor for all files in the Queue

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I made a booboo and all my downloads are not set to post-processing with
I discovered that was a bad choice and all files so we set to NO post processing. How do we do this in bulk?

Step 1 - SSH in to your QNAP and go to the NZBGet QPKG directory

cd /share/MD0_DATA/.qpkg/NZBGet/nzbget

Step 2 - Determine the maximum ID in the queue

./nzbget -L G

This will list a long list, and the last record will look something like this:

[17380] ....

17380 is some random number, either way: remember the number you observed in your list.

Step 3 - Mass/Bulk update of the NZBGet Queue

Next step is that we are going to use the command-line approach to update the queue. See NZBGet Command-line reference for more details.

In short:
We are going to EDIT (-E) the Groups (G) and set post-processing (O ... Ooooh, so not zero) "nzbToMedia/" for the ID's 1 to 20,000. That last number is basically the umber I found in my queue and rounded it up, so 17,380 became 20,000.

The command line statement:

./nzbget -E G O "nzbToMedia/" 1-20000

This will set all post-processing to "nzbToNzbDrone" to "no" in a matter of seconds.


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