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Unraid - TS-869 Pro...
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[Solved] Unraid - TS-869 Pro - How to automatically go to sleep, enable Wake on LAN and Auto wake up

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I just installed Unraid on my 11 year old QNAP TS-869 Pro - and it works great. Boots from USB stick and leaves QTS fully in tact.

Anyhoo ... I use this device as a backup device, so I can backup data from one QNAP to another at night.
QTS being bloated as it is, and me being curious for new stuff, decided to give Unraid a try, and it works very well on the TS-869.

A few wake up, sleep and WOL things took me a little effort to figure out.

  • Go to sleep after 60 minutes of being inactive (disks in the array, and network traffic)
  • Enable Wake On LAN
  • Wake up at 3 AM so it would be ready for receiving rsync backups from my other QNAP



Plugin I used (in Unraid, find them under "Apps"):

Dynamix S3 Sleep (forum)


Go to sleep after 60 minutes of being inactive, and enabling WOL

Under "Settings" - "User utilities", you'll find "Sleep Settings".

Settings I've used:

Execute function: Sleep
Excluded days: None
Excluded hours: None
Wait for array inactivity: Yes
Device activity monitoring: Status & counters
Monitor disks outside array: None
Extra delay after array inactivity: 30
Wait for network inactivity: Yes
Ethernet interface: eth0
Network idle threshold: Medium traffic [100 kb/s]
Wait for host inactivity (IP address): no host
Wait for user login inactivity: No
Set WOL options before sleep: g
Custom commands before sleep: <script - see below for details>
Custom commands after wake-up:
Enter custom commands here
Force gigabit speed after wake-up: No
DHCP renewal after wake-up: No
Enable DEBUG mode: No


Wake up at 3 AM

Source: I modified my script a tiny bit from what I had found in this forum post.


now=$(date +%s)
other=$(date -d $time +%s)
if [ $now -ge $other  ]
  echo `date '+%s' --date='tomorrow 03:00:00'` > /sys/class/rtc/rtc0/wakealarm
  echo `date '+%s' --date='today 03:00:00'` > /sys/class/rtc/rtc0/wakealarm



  • Of course, change "time=3:00" to the time you have in mind,
  • make sure to post this in the "Custom commands before sleep" field, and
  • do not forget to click "Apply"



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