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How to replace the ...
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[Solved] How to replace the field type and value in dbgrid?

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How to replace the field type and value in dbgrid?

My SQL query:

Code: XML [Select] DBForm.DBquery.SQL.text:='select callstart, callend, origin, destination, direction from callrecord;

termtype are integer values 0...3, instead I would like to show in dbgrid column fields: None, Incoming, Outgoing or Internal, accordingly. These text values are not stored in any DB table to be joined with; it is also not allowed to add smth to this DB (in my case). Is there a way how to do this "on fly", when the dbgrid obtains the values from the DB?

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I do not have my gear near me at the moment, but as far as I recall, you can define in the TSQLQuery (for example) the data return values in one fo the events. I think it's under "OnCalcFields". It may also have been "OnDrawColumnCell" of TDBGrid.

In Delphi, the TDBGrid has a OnGetText event - which I used to do exactly what you're doing.
A quick look at Lazarus I could not find this event (doing a quick search).

When looking in the Lazarus forum I found this post that might help: link. I assume you already looked at this link as well ...

Hope this is helpful.