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Feature Request; Add context menu and scan directory tree recursively for videos

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Hello Hans,

one more feature request.

What would make Movie Scanner very user friendly would be an option to dynamically add (and remove) a Windows Explorer directory context menu.

When clicked, Movie Scanner should recursively scan the whole directory tree (= not only the current folder) and automatically put all found videos (=at least all files with extensions *.avi *.mp4 *.mkv *.mov and *.mpg to the list (...and show parameters).

Thank you

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That may come with some challenges when it comes to 32 bit vs 64 bit applications ....

(Microsoft documentation) .... on a 64 bit system Windows Explorer extensions must be implemented as 64 bit libraries. The reason for this is that "… all Shell extension handlers are in-process Component Object Model (COM) objects."

So this means that on a 64 bit Windows, a 32 bit application cannot create a File Explorer extension, and vice versa.
Additionally, this would be Windows specific, and it would take a bit of work to implement.

Note: You can drag a directory on MovieScanner, and it will recursively read all valid files.


There may be a trick, not as elegant, but it will work by using the "sendto" option.

For this we need 2 things:

1) a shortcut to the MovieScanner.exe in 



2) I have to modify MovieScanner to accept files or directories as parameters (I still have to do this).

I'll try to implement that (2) with the next release.

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OK, so I looked at that last option (SendTo), and I do not think I will implement this for now.

That last idea comes with another issue and that is making sure only one instance of MovieScanner is running, and IF an instance is already running, passing the path/filenames to that instance.

Considering the amount of work and the number of folks that will be using this,... I'll just hold off for now. Sorry.