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Rename My TV Series...
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[Solved] Rename My TV Series 2.0.10 b8 - "Something went VERY wrong here"

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For that particular show, I get the error below.



Rename My TV Series (2.0.10 (Build 8))
OS: Windows (64 bit), Windows 10.0, i386 (32 bit application)

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Hi Kilimar,

Thanks for reporting - excellent done with the complete info and screenshot! 👍 

I have tested this with the latest 2.1.1 beta (you can find them here).
In that version I do not get this issue, so none of the observations below happen with the new version:
It looks like you got the show from TVDB, but the show details are blank ... this is already weird. In the new version this remains blank as well, but no episodes are listed either. The version from The MovieDB (supported in the new version) shows the episodes correctly.

The fact that we do not see info from TVDB means there is something fishy going on with the TVDB API and the data we (do not) receive.
This is a reason why I've added TMDB and TVMaze as alternative data sources.