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[Solved] macOS - How to make a backup of your signing certificates with the help of Xcode

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I'm sure I'm not the only one and I'm a little surprised to see how cumbersome Apple has made it to work with signing certificates.
I use more than 1 Mac to develop software, which need the signing certificates, but I do not use Xcode ... at all. I just cannot stand XCode.

So on one of my computers I have everything setup real nice, so that manual signing works flawless.
Now comes the disaster on how to copy my certificates to my other Mac, and to my surprise Xcode comes to the rescue.
Yes you heard me right; I'm not using Xcode, but I have it installed anyway (SDK's, Command-line tools, signing tools etc come nicely bundled with this).

Backup Certificates:

  1. Start XCode
  2. Go to Xcode menu -> Settings -> Account and select your account.
  3. At the bottom click the dotted circle:



  4. Select "Export Apple ID and Code Signing Assets..." which will bundle all this in a single file (password protected).


You may have noticed in step 3 that there is a "Import Apple ID and Code Signing Assets..." option.
You can use this option on the other Mac to import your certificates again.