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[Solved] macOS (Monterey) - Check Internet speed from command line (networkQuality)

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Sometimes we'd like to check our Internet speed, and I always used to use SpeedTest by Ookla (App or website).

Since macOS Monterey however, you can also do this without the need for any 3rd party tools, or website, straight in Terminal with:

networkQuality -s


Note : the "-s" makes it that upload and download speed are tested individually, where as omitting the "-s" will have them run simultaneously.

The output will look something like this.

First the download speed:

current download capacity: 414.563 Mbps - current upload capacity: 0.000 Mbps


Then the upload speed:

current download capacity: 414.563 Mbps - current upload capacity: 257.087 Mbps


And finally the summary:

==== SUMMARY ====                                                                                         
Upload capacity: 457.172 Mbps
Download capacity: 461.804 Mbps
Upload flows: 16
Download flows: 12
Upload Responsiveness: High (2424 RPM)
Download Responsiveness: High (3157 RPM)