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[Solved] macOS how to set network priority (eg. Wifi over Ethernet, or vice versa)

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My Internet has been down for 2 days now (thank you KPN!), so I have to use my 4G cellphone tethered to my Mac to access the Internet.
Downside: this doesn't work well when I keep my Ethernet cable connected (to connect to my NAS and such).
The only way to solve this is by changing the connection priority.
On my Mac this was Ethernet of WiFi (which I'll revert back to when I have Internet again), flipping this around solved the issue.

So how do I change the priority of my network connections?

On you Mac go to  System preferences -> Network.

Click the little cog button or "..." button, and select Set Service Order.

Now drag the network connections in the priority order you'd like to have (top = highest priority).

When done, click OK and you're good to go.

Note: older macOS version (prior to Ventura) may require that you click the Apply button.