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Debian - User is no...
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[Solved] Debian - User is not in the sudoers file,. How to add a user to sudoers ...?

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So I started tinkering with Debian (on Intel and Arm64) and noticed that the standard user (not root) by default is not added to the sudoers.
Getting this error message when trying to use sudo:

hans is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported.


This is what fixes it, by adding user to the sudoers file:

1. Open a super users (su) session in Terminal (you'll be ask for the root password!):


2. Use your favorite text editor (vi, nano,...) and edit /etc/sudoers

nano /etc/sudoers

3. Under this line

# User privilige specification
root   ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL

Add (replace "hans" with the username you'd like to add) below this "root" line:

hans   ALL=(ALL) ALL

So you'd get something like this:

# User privilige specification
root   ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL
hans   ALL=(ALL) ALL

4. Save the file, exit "su" mode, and test if this worked with something simple like:

sudo ls