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iOS 10 - How to dis...
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[Solved] iOS 10 - How to disable Game Center

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Game Center might serve a purpose for some users, but for me it's just plain annoying to say the least.
Strangely enough there is no simple and obvious "disable Game Center" option. But you can disable it with these steps:

On your iOS device:

  1. Go to "Setting",
  2. Scroll down to "Game Center" (just below Music, TV, Photos & Camera and iBooks),
  3. Click the line that shows your AppleID,
  4. A notification will ask if you want to sign out, click "Sign Out".
And that's all - don't worry, the "Sign Out" option only signs you out of Game Center and will not affect anything else.
Optionally you can go to "Setting" - "Notifications", find the option "Games" and disable the "Allow Notifications" option as well.
After this, when starting up certain games, a message will appear asking you to sign in to Game Center - simply click "Cancel" and after a few times iOS won't ask for it anymore.