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Jellyfin - Trailers...
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Jellyfin - Trailers not playing - Playback Error, No player found for the requested media

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Seems that when Radarr and Jellyfin are used, two different YouTube links are being used for trailer playback.
One being outdated:


This one, found in the movie.nfo file, will cause this error (in the WebUI anyway):

Playback Error
No player found for the requested media.


We can fix this by updating the link to:


Granted, that would be a lot of work if you have a rather big collection of movies.

Of course, here you can use the power of Linux shell commands - assuming you're executing this on a Linux machine (like most NAS devices are):

find ./ -name movie.nfo -type f  -exec sed -i 's/play\/?video_id=/\?action=play_video\&amp;videoid=/g' {} \;

Assuming you're in your movie directory, this will try to find all files names movie.nfo.
This filename is then used to execute sed and replace the text "play/?video_id=" with "?action=play_video&amp;videoid=".
The "\" symbols are added to escape certain special characters.

* note:
if you're not in you movie directory then either go there (cd /path/to/movie/directory) or replace "./" with "/path/to/movie/directory".