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XBox One - Port map...
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XBox One - Port mapping for Multiplayer games

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So when you're in the "lucky" situation that your XBox One states "NAT Strict" or "NAT Moderate", you might run into problems when playing a game multiplayer - especially when you host the game.
To get this to work, even with NAT Strict, you'll have to do some port forwarding settings in your modem or router.


  • Give XBox One a FIXED IP ADDRESS

First of all; I recommend giving your XBox One a fixed IP address.
This can be done in two ways.
The first method involves your router being capable of assigning IP addresses to a MAC address in the DHCP settings. Note that not all modems/routers can actually do this. But if you modem can; do so!
The second method involves doing manual IP settings in your XBox One.
Go to Preferences -> Network -> Advanced Settings -> IP Settings -> Manual.
Enter a fixed IP address here, and for DNS and Gateway use the IP address of your router or modem.


  • Port Forwarding to XBox One

Next step is to map certain ports to your XBox One's IP address - this is done in your router or modem.
These are the ports you will need:

    TCP Ports:  80 
    TCP/UDP Ports (aka Both):  53, 3074
    UDP Ports:  88, 500, 3544, 4500

After mapping these ports, your XBox One might still report that your NAT is STRICT or MODERATE, but multiplayer games can now be played and hosted successfully. 


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