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Which gameplay reco...
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Which gameplay recorder should I choose?

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Say hello to your guys. I'm new here. Actually, I love play lol and often watch gameplay videos on YouTube and Twitch. Anyone has the same hobby? Do you know any good gameplay recording software? I want to record my lol game process and I have searched for several days and find some. like below








Their rankings on Google are relatively high, but I don’t know if it’s because of advertising. So I came here. Has anyone used these software? Which is more suitable for recording games, I hope there is no lag. Are there any other recommendations besides these softwares? Preferably it is free. TX a lot . 😳 😳 

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Most commonly used screen recorder seems to be OBS (free). So you'll find quite a lot of support and plugins for this one as it has a large community.

EaseUS RecExperts; may be a great tool, but I hate subscription models.
I think FBX is an AutoDesk thing?
I'm not a big Wondershare fan.

SnagIt and Camtasia used to be the "go to" tools, but I have no idea how they do these days.
Both are commercial products and as far as I recall, Camtasia is the more advanced tool.

NCH Software, know for quite a few other simple but effective free tools, has a screen recording application as well. I'd definitely check that one out.
There is a free version for non-commercial use.

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@hans Thank you so much!