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UnrealEd Shortcut K...
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UnrealEd Shortcut Keys

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UnrealEd Shortcut Keys

This is a list of short-cut keys that can be used in the editor to stop all the bother with mouse clicking. Some of them are listed in the menu, but others are not, so read through them, and I think you will find a few nice "easter eggs" in here that will make your editing life a lot easier.

* Delete : Delete selected actors. 

* 1, 2, 3 : Slow, medium, and fast movement speed. 

* F1 : Help. 

* F4 : Actor properties. 

* F5 : Surface properties. 

* F6 : Level properties. 

* F7 : Compile changed scripts. 

* F8 : Rebuilder. 

* B : Toggle brush visibility in the current viewport. 

* H : Toggle actor visibility in the current viewport. 

* P : Toggle player controls or realtime update of the viewport. 

* Shift-A : Select all actors. 

* Shift-B : Select all surfaces belonging to the selected surfaces' brushes. 

* Shift-C : Select adjacent coplanar polygons. 

* Shift-D : Duplicate selected actors. 

* Shift-F : Select adjacent floors. 

* Shift-G : Select surfaces belonging to the selected surfaces' groups. 

* Shift-I : Select surfaces with items matching the selected surfaces' items. 

* Shift-J : Select all adjacent surfaces(flood-fill). 

* Shift-L : Look ahead in the current viewport (no pitch or roll). 

* Shift-M : Memorize selected surfaces. 

* Shift-N : Select none. 

* Shift-O : Select surfaces from intersection of selected surfaces and memory. 

* Shift-P : Select all surfaces. 

* Shift-Q : Reverse the set of selected surfaces. 

* Shift-R : Recall memorized surface selection. 

* Shift-T : Select all surfaces which use the current texture. 

* Shift-U : Select union of selected surfaces and memorized surfaces. 

* Shift-W : Select adjacent wall surfaces (flood-fill). 

* Shift-X : Select exclusive or of selected surfaces and memorized surfaces. 

* Shift-Y : Select adjacent slanted surfaces. 

* Shift-Z : Select none. 

* Ctrl-A : Add brush to world. 

* Ctrl-B : Load brush. 

* Ctrl-C : Copy. 

* Ctrl-D : Deintersect brush with world. 

* Ctrl-E : Save as. 

* Ctrl-L : Save level. 

* Ctrl-O : Load level. 

* Ctrl-P : Play level. 

* Ctrl-N : Intersect brush with world. 

* Ctrl-R : Redo. 

* Ctrl-S : Subtract brush from world. 

* Ctrl-V : Paste. 

* Ctrl-W : Duplicate. 

* Ctrl-X : Cut. 

* Ctrl-Z : Undo.


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