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[Solved] Easiest way to install Apple Game Porting Toolkit, to play DX12 Windows games on a Mac

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Apple released the "Apple Game Porting Toolkit" (AGPT or AGPTK) w while ago, which is intended for game developers to test the performance of the Windows version of their DirectX12 game on a Mac. It is recommended you run this on Apple Silicon with macOS Sonoma (currently beta) with plenty of memory.

The installation is indeed geared towards the more experienced users, as it takes quite a few steps to download, build and install the needed components (Homebrew, Wine, AGPT, etc).

However ... I found this this neat little installer tool, making it as simple as a few clicks.
It has been created by the makers of InstallAware Multi Platform, using it as an example to demonstrate how powerful the scripting is in their installer tool.
Convenient for us Apple Silicon users 😉 

See this Github repository to see the sources, or simply download the installer (or get it here) and get AGPT running on your Mac.