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How to make a poor ...
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[Solved] How to make a poor man's simple digital typewriter...

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I'm new to Arduinos and just beginning my journey with them. I would like to ask how difficult it is to build a simple "dgital typewriter" with Arduino, USB keyboard and little monitor (OLED or E-ink)? I would need just the basic functions like:

- inputting the text via USB-keyboard
- saving the .txt files to SD-card
- scrolling the text simply with arrows keys
- F1-button for SAVE TEXT TO MEMORY CARD (or something like that)
- F2-button for LOAD TEXT FOM MEMORY CARD (or something like that)

Is there some tutorials available which I should check out? Is it possible to get the code done for me (I'm ready to pay for it also)?

So, nothing really fancy here...just basic poor man's basic text editing functions and save it to a SD-card for future editing in PC.

Thank you!
, Pete.

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Hi Petelms,

This is most certainly possible - not sure though if the Arduino would be the way to go.
A good start would be this project: Attach a USB keyboard and read the input (incl. attach display)

As for the SD card part: you either have to get a separate SD card reader, or a display that comes with a SD card reader.
I guess that depends a little on what display you have in mind.

Hope this helps getting started ... 😊 

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Thanks for the reply, Hans! It's good to know that it's possible to do with Arduino! And thanks for the video-link. Now, I have to get a little monitor...