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This is a continuation of my question that was posted in the LED strip effects for Neopixel and Fastled page here . I am posting on the forum, since there was just way too much code I had posted on the other page. The issue was that I was having random button errors like pausing the effect or not switching properly (and was actually related to the All Effects in One sketch page), so I definitely apologize for the confusing places to post :)

In response to Hans' helpful suggestions, I seem to have no issues changing effects now.  Hans had suggested some code to include in the setup, including a short 100 millisecond delay before attaching the interrupt for the button.  As well, he had included a link to information on modifying the button by using a pull up resistor.  Since I don't seem to have any issues, I decided not to add it (also I'd rather not add a breadboard to my compact Arduino enclosure), but I it was good to learn about it.  I might be using the internal 20K pull up resistor that was built in to the Arduino Uno, but I could be wrong about that. 

Anyway, for anyone interested, I have posted my sketch here on pastebin.  About half the effects were removed.  Might be helpful to others.

Thanks again Hans for your help!


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