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[Solved] Communication between two arduino devices ESP8266

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I have two ESP8266 devices to be communicated server-client udp or http socket in APmode, the devices not connected to wifi network, one of them is started in APmode and the other one is connected to it through WiFi.softAP()for the 1st and WiFi.begin() for the 2nd. the problem is that the device is not receiving data on its IP and port .. but even though it is accepting very easily and clearly from any computer or android mobile without any problem. is there any reason for this??

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I have not yet tested this kind of setup, and there can be quite a few reasons why the device is not receiving data (keep in mind that some Wifi/network implementations on the ESP8266 may be limited or in need of some extra manual settings).

Since my experience is none existent, maybe this article is helpful: Communication between two esp8266 ?