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[Solved] a question about the sketch

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is there a way to define certain leds in a sketch

all leds 56
but led 10 and 11 should not light up

how can i define it
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Hi Twingi,

this all depends a little on your sketch.

There is no easy "define" for this, but what you could do is define your own function to set a pixel.

For example, say you're using FastLED, where you can set a pixel with:

leds[lednumber] = color;

Now you could create your own function, something like this:

void setLED(int LedNo, CRGB color)
if( (LedNo<>10) && (LedNo<>11) )

This will set the LED color only if it is not #10 or #11.
If it is #10 or #11, it will set it to black (off).

Setting a LED color, so wherever you used to call "leds[lednumber]=color", you now do this:

setLED(lednumber, color);

Hope this helps.