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Asus - GHelper or H...
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Asus - GHelper or How to Get rid of Armoury Crate and MyAsus bloatware

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I like Asus hardware, but one thing I absolutely dislike from Asus is their Armoury Crate and MyAsus software that is installed on my laptop (ditto for desktops).

I finally found a good replacement, small, free, to the point and easy to use: GHelper.
I'm using this on an Asus ROG Strix G713 (2022 model, AMD 6900HX) and it works beautiful.

Fully opened (showing power profile):

GHelper supports
- RGB lights (I prefer static),
- fan speed control and profiles,
- power (CPU and GPU) profiles and limits (set mine to max),
- battery charge limit.


** Requirements that are probably already installed on your computer,
     especially when your computer had Asus stuff installed - I did not need to install either:

     - Microsoft .NET7 (link)
     - Asus System Control Interface (stays even after MyASUS uninstall) (link)


To install:

1. Remove Asus Armoury Crate and MyAsus

I recommend using the Armoury Crate Uninstall tool (link).

And I used the usual Windows Add/Remove option to uninstall MyAsus.

2. Remove Armoury Crate notification when pressing Armoury Crate key (GHelper actually supports using this button)

Delete or move:


3. in BIOS disable Armoury Crate and MyAsus options (sick that this even exists)

Seems per BIOS different, and I found mine under de advanced settings, one to nag about Armoury Crate, and one that tries to install MyAsus.

4. Download and Install GHelper

Tip: Run the "debloat.bat" script as administrator (list in the files on the Github page, and mentioned at the bottom of that page as well).

The content of that script:

sc STOP  AsusAppService
sc STOP  ASUSLinkNear
sc STOP  ASUSLinkRemote
sc STOP  ASUSSoftwareManager
sc STOP  ASUSSwitch
sc STOP  ASUSSystemAnalysis
sc STOP  ASUSSystemDiagnosis
sc STOP  ArmouryCrateControlInterface

sc config  AsusAppService start= disabled
sc config  ASUSLinkNear start= disabled
sc config  ASUSLinkRemote start= disabled
sc config  ASUSSoftwareManager start= disabled
sc config  ASUSSwitch start= disabled
sc config  ASUSSystemAnalysis start= disabled
sc config  ASUSSystemDiagnosis start= disabled
sc config  ArmouryCrateControlInterface start= disabled

set /p asd="Hit enter to finish"


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