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RMTVS don't skip mi...
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[Solved] RMTVS don't skip missing episode in TVDB

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Hi, I'm having problems renaming season 16 of one piece, episode 590 was deleted from tvdb as it was moved to special, so on tvdb in season 16 from episode 589 it goes directly to 591, the problem is that, RMTVS renames me episode 590 with episode 591, so on the program episode 590 is 591, 591 is 592 and so on, I end up with the whole season renamed wrongly, how can I solve it ?  

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Welcome to the forum!

Sorry to hear you're running into issues with RMTV.

First off, RMTV is strongly depending on what the data provider does with naming and such.
TMDB and TVMaze are typically quite stable, TVDB on the other hand sometimes does something goofy with the naming and numbering. 

So my first thought would be to check what the other data providers suggest.

Which brings me to the next issue: What version of RMTV are you using? (and normally I'd ask for operating system as well, but that does not play a role in your situation I's assume)

The beta supports multiple providers (in case you're using the release version and not the beta).
Note with the beta: It has an autodetect feature - if needed disable this first before doing some tests with your files. 😊