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[Solved] wpForo (1.7.0) - Fix annoying tooltips

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With the addon "Advanced Attachments" ("wpforo-advanced-attachments") of wpForo, comes a slightly annoying tooltip effect, caused by the included jQuery.UI, which includes the tooltip function which in turn takes over all title tags of HTML elements.

To disable this effect:

Remove the ui.tooltip code, from /wp-content/plugins/wpforo-advanced-attachments/wpf-third-party/file-uploader/js/jquery-ui.min.js.
Since this file contains minimized JavaScript code, you may have to search a little (tip: a tool like Online JavaScript Beautifier can make things more readable).

It starts at (note: I've attached a copy of my file here):

, e.widget("ui.tooltip" ...

all the way until the end of the file, just make sure to leave this last part in place:


It would have been better to regenerate the jQuery.ui (here) and simply disable the tooltip option there, but it seems there is a problem with the jQuery website for that particular page (at the moment).


I feel this to be more of a dirty "hack" than anything else, and it will probably have consequences elsewhere in the forum.

Maybe in a future releases of wpForo's Advanced Attachments Addon this issue can be taken into consideration ...  (none of the other addons use it)