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complete webapp

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Hey people,

I'm currently in the process of creating a web app with a developer. The idea behind it is extremely simple. A customer would like to track certain content creators or channels with specific keywords. For example, every time the content creator makes a post with the keyword x, the customer receives a notification via WhatsApp, Telgram or email with the post in a summarized version. The whole thing was actually supposed to be created for Twitter, Telegram, Discord and LinkedIn. Unfortunately, I've reached my limits with my financial means, but I don't want to just throw the idea away. Almost everything was completed for Twitter and it was all done with APIS. The idea is particularly useful for crypto traders because quick information is everything in our time. That's why I'm looking for a developer with whom I can make a win-win deal for the web app. Any help would be extremely helpful to me

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Hi Lorik_11,

Somehow you posted this in the ApplePi-Baker section, so I took the liberty to move it to the web development section instead - seemed more appropriate.

Not sure if anyone here would like to chime in. Sounds like an interesting project.