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Monk episode misnamed

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Hi! I love this program, it's an absolute lifesaver.

I was renaming my Monk episodes and the first episode is listed as "Mr. Monk Meets the Candidate". But the official name of the episode is "Mr. Monk and the Candidate".


Thanks for all your work!

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Hey there!

Thank you for the compliment and great to hear you're liking my application. 👍 

As for your feedback:
Unfortunately, I have no control over the data since the data for the episode titles is pulled from TVDB, TheMovieDB or TVMaze.
(assuming you use the beta version)

I did see that TVDB and TheMovieDB both provide the seemingly incorrect title:

However TVMaze seems to use the proper title:

So my recommendation would be to use the beta version of RMTV (which has quite a few more options), so you can use TVMaze.

Or if you are a TVDB user, go to the TVDB website or Forum (, and request a title change or correct the title of that episode if they let you. That would take quite a bit of work I'd assume, and you're probably end up arguing with one or the other person, about what the real correct title it (which I do not know).

Hope this helps! 😊