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Raspberry Pi - How ...
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[Solved] Raspberry Pi - How to take screenshot without XWindows running?!

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While writing an article related to the RaspberryPi, I wanted to take a screenshot of ChameleonPi - which runs without XWindows. So the usual screenshot tools like scrot didn't work. So I had to divert to another tool, which actually took me a while to find.

Raspi2png does the trick but you'll need to download and compile it before you can use it:
git clone 
cd raspi2png
After compiling you can copy the binary (for example: sudo cp raspi2png /usr/local/bin/), after that simply call it by entering:
After that you'll a file called snapshot.png in the directory where you called raspi2png.

Note: Scrot can be installed as such:
sudo apt-get install scrot