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[Solved] Recursive subdirectories not working

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Brought this over from another topic . . . when I load a directory, the subdirectories don't seem to be loading. This is my structure:

When I drag the "80s" folder over, only 60 files get read. If I drag one of the other folders over, it adds those, but I don't think that's what I should have to do, right?


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It should indeed read all files, on all levels below the 80s folder indeed ...

For reference I tried this with a pretty extensive, multi-level directory structure with 4500 video files in it, and it just went fine.

Can you see where that 60th file is and what file follows it?
Just curious if there is something odd in that filename maybe?

(I know: this may be tricky)

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Ok, here's the strange thing - these files are all from different folders, there are no files besides folders in the 80s folder. I can't see any rhyme or reason to the folders that it likes - some have underscores in the names and some don't. No special characters or anything . . .

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So the 80s directory only holds directories and these sub directories is where the files come from. Right?

Could you do pull a directory tree or something?

For example with this statement in a DOS box (Command) in the 80s directory:

dir /s /b *.mp4 *.mkv *.mov *.avi


This should pull all files with extension mp4, mkv, mov and avi from the directory you're in (80s) - recursively.
You can add other file extensions of course - not sure what video formats you're using.

My first thinking would be that one or the other filename or directory name crashed the search - not likely, but nog impossible either.
My second thought would be that some file formats are not supported (so it would skip those).

Currently supported extensions - check if the missing ones are maybe not listed:



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Here you go: 

G:\vidyas\80s>dir /s /b *.mp4 *.mkv *.mov *.avi
G:\vidyas\80s\1980s_Hip_Hop_Videos\3rd Bass - Steppin' To The A.M..mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\1980s_Hip_Hop_Videos\A Tribe Called Quest - Award Tour.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\1980s_Hip_Hop_Videos\Beastie Boys - No Sleep Till Brooklyn (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\1980s_Hip_Hop_Videos\Big Daddy Kane - Lean on Me.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\1980s_Hip_Hop_Videos\Biz Markie - Vapors.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\1980s_Hip_Hop_Videos\Boogie Down Productions - My Philosophy.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\1980s_Hip_Hop_Videos\DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Brand New Funk.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\1980s_Hip_Hop_Videos\DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Parents Just Don't Understand.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\1980s_Hip_Hop_Videos\DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Summertime.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\1980s_Hip_Hop_Videos\EPMD - Strictly Business.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\1980s_Hip_Hop_Videos\EPMD - You Gots To Chill.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\1980s_Hip_Hop_Videos\Eric B. & Rakim - Follow The Leader.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\1980s_Hip_Hop_Videos\Eric B. & Rakim - I Ain't No Joke (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\1980s_Hip_Hop_Videos\Eric B. & Rakim - Microphone Fiend (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\1980s_Hip_Hop_Videos\Eric B. & Rakim - Move The Crowd.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\1980s_Hip_Hop_Videos\Eric B. & Rakim - Paid In Full (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\1980s_Hip_Hop_Videos\Geto Boys - Mind Playing Tricks On Me (Official Video) [Explicit].mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\1980s_Hip_Hop_Videos\Heavy D & The Boyz - Somebody For Me (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\1980s_Hip_Hop_Videos\Ice-T - Colors (Original Video) [HQ].mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\1980s_Hip_Hop_Videos\Ice-T - I'm Your Pusher (Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\1980s_Hip_Hop_Videos\Kid 'N Play - Gittin' Funky (Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\1980s_Hip_Hop_Videos\Kid N' Play - Rollin' With Kid N' Play (Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\1980s_Hip_Hop_Videos\Kwame - The Man We All Know And Love (1989).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\1980s_Hip_Hop_Videos\LL Cool J - I Need Love (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\1980s_Hip_Hop_Videos\LL Cool J - I'm Bad (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\1980s_Hip_Hop_Videos\LL Cool J - Jingling Baby.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\1980s_Hip_Hop_Videos\MC Lyte - Cha Cha Cha _ _Best Quality_ (1989).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\1980s_Hip_Hop_Videos\N.W.A. - Express Yourself (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\1980s_Hip_Hop_Videos\Public Enemy - Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\1980s_Hip_Hop_Videos\Public Enemy - Don't Believe The Hype (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\1980s_Hip_Hop_Videos\Public Enemy - Night Of The Living Baseheads (Dope Version) (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\1980s_Hip_Hop_Videos\Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock - It Takes Two.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\1980s_Hip_Hop_Videos\RUN DMC - King Of Rock (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\1980s_Hip_Hop_Videos\RUN DMC - Rock Box (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\1980s_Hip_Hop_Videos\RUN DMC - Run's House (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\1980s_Hip_Hop_Videos\RUN DMC - Walk This Way (Official HD Video) ft. Aerosmith.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\1980s_Hip_Hop_Videos\Salt-N-Pepa - Push It (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\1980s_Hip_Hop_Videos\Slick Rick - Children's Story (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\1980s_Hip_Hop_Videos\Slick Rick - Teenage Love (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\1980s_Hip_Hop_Videos\The D.O.C - It's Funky Enough _ _Best Quality_ (1989).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\1980s_Hip_Hop_Videos\The Stop The Violence Movement - Self Destruction.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\'Til Tuesday - Voices Carry.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\'Weird Al' Yankovic - Eat It.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\'Weird Al' Yankovic - Fat (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\'Weird Al' Yankovic - Like A Surgeon (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\A Flock Of Seagulls - I Ran (So Far Away) (Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\a-ha - Take On Me (Official 4K Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\AC_DC - Back In Black (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\AC_DC - Hells Bells (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\AC_DC - Thunderstruck (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\AC_DC - Who Made Who (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\AC_DC - You Shook Me All Night Long (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Aerosmith - Angel (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Air Supply - All Out Of Love (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Air Supply - Making love Out of nothing at all (video lyrics).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Air Supply - Making Love Out Of Nothing At All.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Alphaville - Forever Young ~Official Video.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Back to the Future - The Power of Love (Huey Lewis and the News).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Baltimora - Tarzan Boy.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Belinda Carlisle - Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Billy Idol - Cradle Of Love (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Billy Idol - Dancing With Myself (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Billy Idol - Eyes Without A Face (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Billy Idol - Rebel Yell (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Billy Idol - White Wedding Pt 1 (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Billy Joel - It's Still Rock and Roll to Me (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Billy Joel - The Longest Time (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Billy Joel - Uptown Girl (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Billy Joel - We Didn't Start the Fire (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Billy Joel - You May Be Right (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Blondie - Call Me (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Blondie - Heart Of Glass (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Bobby Brown - Every Little Step (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Bon Jovi - I'll Be There For You (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Bon Jovi - Livin' On A Prayer (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Bon Jovi - Wanted Dead Or Alive (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Bon Jovi - You Give Love A Bad Name (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse of the Heart (Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Bruce Springsteen - Born in the U.S.A. (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Bruce Springsteen - Dancing In the Dark (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Bruce Springsteen - Glory Days (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Bruce Springsteen - I'm On Fire (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Bryan Adams - Run To You.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Bryan Adams - Summer Of '69 (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Bryan Adams - Summer Of ’69 (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Buggles - Video killed the radio star 1979.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Cameo - Word Up (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Chicago - Hard To Say I'm Sorry (stereo sound).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Cinderella - Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone) (Stereo Version).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Corey Hart - Sunglasses At Night (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Crowded House - Don't Dream It's Over (Official Music Video).mp4
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G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Culture Club - Karma Chameleon (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Culture Club - Time (Clock Of The Heart).mp4
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G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time (Official Video).mp4
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G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\The Communards - Don't Leave Me This Way.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\The Cure - Lovesong (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\The Human League - Don't You Want Me (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\The Human League - Human.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\The Police - De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\The Police - Don't Stand So Close To Me.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\The Police - Every Breath You Take (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\The Police - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\The Police - Wrapped Around Your Finger.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\The Rolling Stones - Start Me Up - Official Promo.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Tiffany - I Think We're Alone Now (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Tina Turner - Private Dancer.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Tina Turner - The Best (Official Music Video) [HD REMASTERED].mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Tina Turner - What's Love Got to Do with It [HD REMASTERED].mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Tom Petty - Free Fallin'.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Tom Petty - I Won't Back Down.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - Don't Come Around Here No More (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - Runnin' Down A Dream (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Tone loc - funky cold medina.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Tone Loc - Wild Thing.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Toto - Africa (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Toto - Rosanna (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Traveling Wilburys - End Of The Line.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Twisted Sister - I Wanna Rock (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Twisted Sister - We're Not Gonna Take it (Extended Version) (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\U2 - Pride (In The Name Of Love).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\U2 - Where The Streets Have No Name.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Van Halen - Jump (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Van Halen - Panama (Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Wang Chung - Dance Hall Days.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Warrant - Cherry Pie.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Wham! - Everything She Wants (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Wham! - Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\When In Rome - The Promise (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Whitesnake - Is This Love (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Whitesnake - Is This Love.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Whitney Houston - I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Young MC - Bust A Move.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\ZZ Top - Gimme All Your Lovin' (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\ZZ Top - Legs (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\ZZ Top - Sharp Dressed Man (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_dancers\1980s UK Rave, 1989, Acid House, Dancing.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_dancers\80's Commercials Vol. 609.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_dancers\80's Commercials Vol. 727.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_dancers\80's Commercials Vol. 741.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_dancers\80's Commercials Vol. 742.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_dancers\80s breakdancing on us tv.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_dancers\80s dance contest @ el castillo night club in fontana.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_dancers\Disco Dance - 1980 - World Finals (pt 1).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_dancers\Circa 1986-1987 Part Five.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_dancers\Circa 1986-1987 Part Four.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_dancers\Circa 1986-1987 Part One.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_dancers\Circa 1986-1987 Part Seven.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_dancers\Circa 1986-1987 Part Six.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_dancers\Circa 1986-1987 Part Three.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_dancers\Circa 1986-1987 Part Two.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_dancers\Dance Party USA TV Show #1.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_dancers\DANCE PARTY USA 1980's NEW WAVE DANCING AND HAIR!.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_dancers\Forgotten 80s Dance Party #1.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_dancers\I Touch Roses.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_dancers\THE HEIGHT OF GOTH - 1984 - A Night at the Xclusiv Nightclub - Batley, West Yorkshire UK.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_dancers\The Scott Brothers Featured on Nite Time Live.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_dancers\The WORST 80's white people dance video of all time. OF ALL TIME!.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_dancers\Trisomie 21 The Last Song.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\[HD] Dream Academy - Life In A Northern Town.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\ABC - Be Near Me.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\ABC - How To Be A Millionaire.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\Adam Ant - Strip.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\Animotion - Obsession.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\Anything Box - Living In Oblivion (St. James Club Mix).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\Arcadia - Election Day (7' Version)' (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\Berlin - Metro.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\Billy Idol - Catch My Fall (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\Book Of Love - Boy (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\Book Of Love - Pretty Boys And Pretty Girls (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\Bronski Beat - Hit That Perfect Beat.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\Camouflage - The Great Commandment (Best quality).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\Cutting Crew - (I Just) Died In Your Arms (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\Cyndi Lauper - She Bop (Official HD Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\Deacon Blue - Real Gone Kid (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\Go West - We Close Our Eyes (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\Information Society - What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\Kajagoogoo - Too Shy (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\Kraftwerk - The Robots HQ Audio.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\Ministry - Every Day Is Halloween.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\Missing Persons - Words.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\Moev - Crucify Me.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\Mr. Mister - Kyrie (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\Noel - Silent Morning (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\Peter Murphy - Cuts You Up.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\R.E.M. - Stand (Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\SECTION 25 - LOOKING FROM A HILLTOP [M.C. MIKER G. - HOLIDAY RAP []].mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\Shriekback - Nemesis.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\Sigue Sigue Sputnik - Love Missile F1-11 (1986).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\Siouxsie And The Banshees - Peek-A-Boo.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\Soft Cell - Tainted Love (1981).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\Talk Talk - It's My Life ( Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\The Bolshoi - Away.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\The Cars - Magic (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\The Communards - Never Can Say Goodbye (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\The Cult - She Sells Sanctuary.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\The Ocean Blue - Between Something and Nothing (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\The Romantics - Talking in Your Sleep.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\Thomas Dolby - She Blinded Me With Science.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\Tom Tom Club - Genius Of Love (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\Wang Chung - To Live And Die In L.A..mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\Yazoo - Situation.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\Yello - Oh Yeah (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_New_Wave__Alternative_Music_Videos_1\Yello - Tied Up.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\'Til Tuesday - Voices Carry.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\A Flock Of Seagulls - I Ran (So Far Away) (Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\A-ha - Cry Wolf (Extended Mix) ♫HQ♫.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\A-ha - Crying in the Rain (with lyrics).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\a-ha - The Living Daylights (Album Version).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\a-ha The Sun Always Shines On Tv.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\ABC - Be Near Me.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\ABC - Look of Love (HQ Sound).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\ABC - The Look Of Love (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Alphaville - Forever Young ~Official Video.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Animotion Obsession 80s Classic Vice City HQ {With Lyrics}.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Be Near Me - ABC [HQ].mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Bee Gees - You Win Again (1987).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Berlin - Take My Breath Away (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\BERLIN - The Metro [Official Video] HQ.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Blondie - Heart Of Glass (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Bon Jovi - Wanted Dead Or Alive (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse of the Heart (Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Bronski Beat Smalltown Boy HQ.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Chris De Burgh - Lady In Red.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Cinderella - Nobody's Fool (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Climie Fisher - Love Changes Everything.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Communards - Don't Leave Me This Way (Extended Version).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Culture Club - Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Culture Club - The War Song.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Cutting Crew - (I Just) Died In Your Arms (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want To Have Fun (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time (Audio).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Cyndi Lauper - True Colors (Official HD Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Daryl Hall & John Oates - Maneater (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Dead Or Alive - Brand New Lover (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Debbie Gibson - Electric Youth - Subtitulada Español.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Debbie Gibson - Foolish Beat (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Debbie Gibson - Lost In Your Eyes (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Debbie Gibson - Only in My Dreams (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar On Me - HQ Audio.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Deniece Williams - Let's Hear It for the Boy.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Depeche Mode - A Question Of Time (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Depeche Mode - Everything Counts (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Depeche Mode - Never Let Me Down Again (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Desireless - Voyage Voyage 1987 (HQ).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Devo - Whip It (HD).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Do you wanna funk SYLVESTER.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Duran Duran - Come Undone (Lyric Video) [HD] [HQ].mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Edie Brickell & New Bohemians - What I Am (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Erasure - A Little Respect (Official HD Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Erasure - Always (Official HD Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Erasure - Chains of Love (Official HD Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Europe - The Final Countdown (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Eurythmics, Annie Lennox, Dave Stewart - Here Comes The Rain Again (Remastered).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Exposé - Seasons Change (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\F.R. David - Words don't come easy - High Quality Official Music Video.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Foreigner - I Want To Know What Love Is.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Relax.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Freeez - IOU.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Funkytown- Lipps Inc (original).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Gary Numan - Cars (Remastered 2009).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\George Michael - Careless Whisper (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\George Michael - Father Figure.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\George Michael - One More Try.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Glass Tiger-Don't Forget Me (When I'm Gone).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Glenn Mederios - nothing gonna change my love for you.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Guns N' Roses - Paradise City.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Guns N' Roses - Patience.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Heart - Alone (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Herbie Hancock - Rockit (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Howard Jones - Things Can Only Get Better.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\I Love It Loud.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Icehouse - Electric Blue (HD).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Information Society - What's on Your Mind (Pure Energy) [Music Video].mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Information Soicety 'I Like The Way You Werk It 2012' tour visual concept.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\INXS - Devil Inside.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\INXS - Original sin (Original 1984 HQ Audio).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\INXS Never Tear Us Apart 1988 HQ.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Joe Jackson Steppin' Out HQ !.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Johnny Hates Jazz - Shattered Dreams (UK Version).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Juice Newton - Angel Of The Morning (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Kajagoogoo - Too Shy.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Kenny Loggins - Meet Me Half Way.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Kiss - I was made for lovin' you -official video clip (HD).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Kon Kan - I Beg Your Pardon.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Kraftwerk - The Model [HD 1080p 24Bit 96kHz PCM Digital].mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Level 42 - Lessons In Love (Extended Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Level 42 - Something About You.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Lime - Unexpected Lovers (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Lita Ford - Close My eyes Forever.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Los Prisioneros - Estrechez De Corazón (Narrowness of Heart) (English Subtitled) (HQ).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Love and Rockets - So Alive.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Love Bites (Remastered 2017).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Mad World by Tears For Fears Original HQ 1983.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Madonna - Who's That Girl (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Men At Work - Down Under (Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Michael Jackson - Earth Song (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Midnight Oil - Beds Are Burning.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Midnight Oil - The Dead Heart.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Milli Vanilli - Baby Don't Forget My Number (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Milli Vanilli - Blame It On the Rain (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Milli Vanilli - Girl I'm Gonna Miss You (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Milli Vanilli - Girl You Know It's True.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Modern English - I Melt With You (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Modern Talking - Brother Louie (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Modern Talking - You're My Heart, You're My Soul (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Moonlight Shadow (Remastered).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Mr. Big - To Be With You 4K Video.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Mr.Roboto (Styx).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\musical youth - never gonna give you up.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Musical Youth - Pass The Dutchie (HQ Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Naked Eyes - Always Something There To Remind Me (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Never Can Say Goodbye - The Communards - HQ_HD.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\New Edition - Cool It Now (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\New Order - Blue Monday 12 inch (HD).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\new order - round & round (subtitulado español).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\New Order - True Faith (1987) (Official Music Video) [HD REMASTERED].mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\New Sensation - INXS - HQ_HD.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Nik Kershaw - Wouldn't It Be Good (Remastered).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Ollie And Jerry - There's No Stopping Us.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\One Way Or Another (Remastered).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Electricity.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Enola Gay (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Patrick Swayze - She's Like The Wind ft. Wendy Fraser.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Paul Young - Everytime You Go Away (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Pet Shop Boys - Domino Dancing.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Pet Shop Boys - Go West [HD].mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Pet Shop Boys - It's a Sin (LP vinyl).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Pet Shop Boys - Left To My Own Devices.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Pet Shop Boys - New York City Boy.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Pet Shop Boys - Paninaro. (High Definition Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Pet Shop Boys - What have I done to deserve this.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Plastic Bertrand - Ca Plane Pour Moi HD.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Quiet Riot - Metal Health (Bang Your Head) - HQ Audio.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Real Life - Send Me An Angel [HQ_1080p].mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Scarlett & Black - YOU DON'T KNOW.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Shannon - Let The Music Play (original video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Simple Minds - Don't You (Forget About Me).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Simply Red - Holding Back The Years (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Simply Red - If You Don't Know Me By Now (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Slaughter - Fly To The Angels (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\SNAP! - Rhythm Is A Dancer (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Soft Cell - Tainted Love.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Soul II Soul - Back To Life (However Do You Want Me) (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Spandau Ballet - True (HD Remastered).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Starship - Sara (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Stop - Rendezvous (Long Version) ´86 (La cita).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Stop - Wake Up.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Survivor - Burning Heart (Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\T'Pau - Heart And Soul (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Talk Talk - It's My Life (HQ 12' Vinyl Sound, HD, Lyrics).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Tapps - My Forbidden Lover.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The World.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Tears For Fears - Head Over Heels (HQ Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Tears For Fears - Mad World (HQ).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Tears For Fears - Shout (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Tears for Fears - Sowing the seeds of love.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Tesla - Love Song.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\THAT'S SO '84 MEGAMIX - VOL. 1.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\The Bangles - Eternal Flame.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\The Bangles - In Your Room (Video Version).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\The Cars - Drive (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\The Different Story - Peter.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\The Fixx - One Thing Leads To Another (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\The Flirts - Helpless (HQ Audio).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\The Flirts - Passion - HQ_HD.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\The Human League - Don't You Want Me (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\The Moody Blues - Your Wildest Dreams (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\The Outfield - All The Love In The World.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\The Outfield - Your Love (Official HD Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\The Police - Every Breath You Take (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\The Police - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\The Police - Roxanne.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\The Romantics - Talking in Your Sleep.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\The Romantics - What I Like About You (Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\The Smiths - How Soon Is Now hq.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\The Stranglers Golden Brown HQ.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Tiffany - Could've Been.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Tiffany - All This Time (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Tiffany - I Think We're Alone Now (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Toto - Africa (Official HD Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Toto- Africa (HQ).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Trans-X - Living On Video (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Wall Of Voodoo - Mexican Radio (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Wang Chung - Dance Hall Days (HQ) REMASTERED Dream Factory.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Warrant - Heaven (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Warrant - Sometimes She Cries (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\We Are the World - Lionel Richie, Tina Turner, Michael Jackson.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\West End Girls - Pet Shop Boys lyrics.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Wham! - Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\When In Rome - The Promise (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\When the Children Cry (Subtitulos Ingles_Español).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Whitesnake - Here I Go Again (Radio Edit) [High Quality HQ HD].mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Yazoo - Don't Go.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Yazoo - Situation.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s_The_best_of_the_80s_Hits_HD_HQ_in_alphabetical_order\Yes - Owner Of A Lonely Heart 1983 Video Sound HQ.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\human league\Human League - Tell Me When (high quality).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\human league\The Human League - All I Ever Wanted.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\human league\The Human League - (Keep Feeling) Fascination.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\human league\The Human League - Don't You Want Me (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\human league\The Human League - Filling Up With Heaven.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\human league\The Human League - Human.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\human league\The Human League - Love Action (I Believe In Love).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\human league\The Human League - Mirror Man.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\human league\The Human League - Never Let Me Go Official Video.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\human league\The Human League - Night People.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\human league\The Human League - One Man In My Heart.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\OMD_-_The_Singles\Night Café - Homemade video by Mal.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\OMD_-_The_Singles\OMD - Dream Of Me (Based On Love's Theme).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\OMD_-_The_Singles\OMD - Dresden [Official Video].mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\OMD_-_The_Singles\OMD - History of Modern (part I) - Official Video.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\OMD_-_The_Singles\OMD - If You Want It - Official Video.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\OMD_-_The_Singles\OMD - Joan of Arc.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\OMD_-_The_Singles\OMD - Metroland [Official Video].mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\OMD_-_The_Singles\OMD - Sailing On The Seven Seas.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\OMD_-_The_Singles\OMD - Sister Marie Says.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\OMD_-_The_Singles\Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - (Forever) Live And Die.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\OMD_-_The_Singles\Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Call My Name.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\OMD_-_The_Singles\Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Dreaming.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\OMD_-_The_Singles\Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Electricity.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\OMD_-_The_Singles\Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Enola Gay (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\OMD_-_The_Singles\Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Everyday.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\OMD_-_The_Singles\Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Genetic Engineering.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\OMD_-_The_Singles\Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - If You Leave (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\OMD_-_The_Singles\Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - Isotype.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\OMD_-_The_Singles\Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - La Femme Accident.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\OMD_-_The_Singles\Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Locomotion.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\OMD_-_The_Singles\Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Maid Of Orleans.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\OMD_-_The_Singles\Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Messages.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\OMD_-_The_Singles\Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Never Turn Away.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\OMD_-_The_Singles\Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Pandora's Box.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\OMD_-_The_Singles\Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Red Frame_White Light.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\OMD_-_The_Singles\Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Secret.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\OMD_-_The_Singles\Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Shame.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\OMD_-_The_Singles\Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - So In Love.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\OMD_-_The_Singles\Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Souvenir.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\OMD_-_The_Singles\Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Stand Above Me.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\OMD_-_The_Singles\Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Talking Loud And Clear.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\OMD_-_The_Singles\Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Telegraph.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\OMD_-_The_Singles\Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Tesla Girls.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\OMD_-_The_Singles\Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - The Punishment of Luxury.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\OMD_-_The_Singles\Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Then You Turn Away.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\OMD_-_The_Singles\Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Universal.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\OMD_-_The_Singles\Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Walking On The Milky Way.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\OMD_-_The_Singles\Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - We Love You.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\OMD_-_The_Singles\Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - What Have We Done.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\psychedelic furs\PSYCHEDELIC FURS - Pretty in pink (HD).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\psychedelic furs\The Psychedelic Furs - Come All Ye Faithful (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\psychedelic furs\The Psychedelic Furs - Heartbreak Beat (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\psychedelic furs\The Psychedelic Furs - Heaven (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\psychedelic furs\The Psychedelic Furs - Sister Europe (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\psychedelic furs\The Psychedelic Furs - The Ghost in You (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\psychedelic furs\The Psychedelic Furs - Wrong Train (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\The Police\Official_Videos\The Police - De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\The Police\Official_Videos\The Police - Can't Stand Losing You.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\The Police\Official_Videos\The Police - Every Breath You Take (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\The Police\Official_Videos\The Police - Don't Stand So Close To Me.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\The Police\Official_Videos\The Police - Every Breath You Take (Lyric Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\The Police\Official_Videos\The Police - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\The Police\Official_Videos\The Police - Invisible Sun.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\The Police\Official_Videos\The Police - King Of Pain.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\The Police\Official_Videos\The Police - Message In A Bottle (Lyric Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\The Police\Official_Videos\The Police - Message In A Bottle.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\The Police\Official_Videos\The Police - Roxanne (Lyric Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\The Police\Official_Videos\The Police - Synchronicity II.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\The Police\Official_Videos\The Police - Roxanne.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\The Police\Official_Videos\The Police - So Lonely.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\The Police\Official_Videos\The Police - Spirits In The Material World.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\The Police\Official_Videos\The Police - Walking On The Moon.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\The Police\Official_Videos\The Police - Wrapped Around Your Finger.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\thompson twins\Thompson Twins - Doctor! Doctor! (Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\thompson twins\Thompson Twins - Get That Love.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\thompson twins\Thompson Twins - King For A Day.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\thompson twins\Thompson Twins - Lay Your Hands On Me.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\thompson twins\Thompson Twins - Love on Your Side.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\thompson twins\Thompson Twins - Sister of Mercy.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\Unsorted Videos\A Victory Of Love - Alphaville.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\Unsorted Videos\a-ha - The Sun Always Shines on T.V. (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\Unsorted Videos\Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Welcome To The Pleasuredome.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\Unsorted Videos\ABC - How To Be A Millionaire (DCNS '85).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\Unsorted Videos\ABC-How To Be A Millionaire (Pop History Channel).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\Unsorted Videos\Blancmange - Blind Vision (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\Unsorted Videos\Cabaret Nocturne - Green Karma.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\Unsorted Videos\Cyndi Lauper - The Goonies 'r' Good Enough (Official Video)(1).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\Unsorted Videos\Dramarama - Anything, Anything, Anything (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\Unsorted Videos\Gary Numan - I Die You Die.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\Unsorted Videos\Gene Loves Jezebel - Desire.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\Unsorted Videos\Goonies 'R' Good Enough Part 2 - Cyndi Lauper.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\Unsorted Videos\Heaven 17 - Lets All Make A Bomb.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\Unsorted Videos\Ian Dury and The Blockheads – Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick (Official HD Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\Unsorted Videos\Icehouse - No Promises (Aus Version).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\Unsorted Videos\Lay All Your Love On Me ABBA.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\Unsorted Videos\Men At Work - Overkill (Video Version).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\Unsorted Videos\Midnight Oil - The Dead Heart.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\Unsorted Videos\New Order - Age of Consent (2020 Remaster) [Official Music Video].mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\Unsorted Videos\NEW ORDER - Dreams Never End.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\Unsorted Videos\Nik Kershaw - Wouldn't It Be Good (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\Unsorted Videos\Orange Juice - Rip It Up (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\Unsorted Videos\PIZZICATO FIVE _ ウィークエンド.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\Unsorted Videos\PIZZICATO FIVE _ スウィート・ソウル・レヴュー.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\Unsorted Videos\Pizzicato Five - Baby Love Child (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\Unsorted Videos\Soft Cell - Bedsitter.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\Unsorted Videos\Prince I would die for you Baby I'm a star 12 inch video.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\Unsorted Videos\The Go-Go's - Vacation (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\Unsorted Videos\THE HUMAN LEAGUE - Being Boiled [Official Video in HD].mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\Unsorted Videos\Thompson Twins - The Gap (The Tube 1984).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\Unsorted Videos\The Human League - The Lebanon.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\Unsorted Videos\The Waterboys - The Whole of the Moon (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\Unsorted Videos\Trans-X - Living On Video (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\Unsorted Videos\Ultravox - Reap The Wild Wind (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\Unsorted Videos\Visage - The Damned Don't Cry.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\Unsorted Videos\Yello - I Love You.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\Unsorted Videos\ピチカート・ファイヴ(PIZZICATO FIVE) - SWEET SOUL REVUE 1995.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\MissingPersonsVEVO_-_Videos\Missing Persons - Destination Unknown.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\MissingPersonsVEVO_-_Videos\Missing Persons - Give.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\MissingPersonsVEVO_-_Videos\Missing Persons - I Can't Think About Dancing.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\MissingPersonsVEVO_-_Videos\Missing Persons - Mental Hopscotch.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\MissingPersonsVEVO_-_Videos\Missing Persons - Noticeable One.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\MissingPersonsVEVO_-_Videos\Missing Persons - Right Now.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\MissingPersonsVEVO_-_Videos\Missing Persons - Surrender Your Heart.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\MissingPersonsVEVO_-_Videos\Missing Persons - Walking In L.A..mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\MissingPersonsVEVO_-_Videos\Missing Persons - Words(1).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\MissingPersonsVEVO_-_Videos\Missing Persons - Words.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\BANANARAMA_-_OFFICIAL_MUSIC_VIDEOS\Bananarama - I Heard A Rumour (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\BANANARAMA_-_OFFICIAL_MUSIC_VIDEOS\Bananarama - Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye) (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\BANANARAMA_-_OFFICIAL_MUSIC_VIDEOS\Bananarama - Robert De Niro's Waiting (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\BANANARAMA_-_OFFICIAL_MUSIC_VIDEOS\Bananarama - Venus (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\BANANARAMA_-_OFFICIAL_MUSIC_VIDEOS\It Ain't What You Do - Banarama feat. Fun Boy Three.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s party AEA 2022\Bar-Kays - Freakshow On The Dancefloor.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s party AEA 2022\Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse of the Heart (Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s party AEA 2022\Club Nouveau - Why You Treat Me So Bad.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s party AEA 2022\Dazz Band - Let It whip — (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s party AEA 2022\Dennis Edwards ft. Siedah Garrett - Don't Look Any Further (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s party AEA 2022\Fatback - Backstrokin' - 1980 [HD] [HQ] _FUNK CLASSICS.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s party AEA 2022\Fatback - Backstrokin' - 1980 [HD] [HQ] _FUNK CLASSICS(1).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s party AEA 2022\Bar -Kats - Freakshow On The Dance Floor (Breakin' 1984).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s party AEA 2022\Gucci Crew II - Sally, That Girl (Lyrics).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s party AEA 2022\J.J. Fad - Supersonic (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s party AEA 2022\L'Trimm - Cars with the Boom (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s party AEA 2022\Nicki French - Total Eclipse Of The Heart (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s party AEA 2022\Ronnie Hudson - West Coast Poplock.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s party AEA 2022\Shannon - Let The Music Play (HQ).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s party AEA 2022\The Cult - Fire Woman.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s party AEA 2022\The Gap Band - You Dropped A Bomb On Me (Official Music Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s party AEA 2022\The Whispers - 'And The Beat Goes On' (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s party AEA 2022\Timex Social Club - Rumors (Club Nouveau).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s party AEA 2022\West Coast Poplock - Ronnie Hudson #LowriderLifestyle #lowriderlifestylemagazine #Funk.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s party AEA 2022\ZAPP - Dance Floor (Original 12'' Version).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s party AEA 2022\Zapp & Roger - So Ruff, So Tuff.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s party AEA 2022\Zapp & Roger - So Ruff, So Tuff(1).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s party AEA 2022\Dazz Band Let It Whip 12 Mix.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s party AEA 2022\Michael Jackson - PYT ( Pretty Young Thing HD).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s party AEA 2022\Trinere - I Know You Love Me.mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\xtendamix\Chicago - Hard To Say I'm Sorry (Clean) (Extended).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\xtendamix\Chicago - Hard To Say I'm Sorry (Clean) (Single).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\xtendamix\Howard Jones - What Is Love (Remix) (Clean) (Extended).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\xtendamix\Howard Jones - What Is Love (Concert Version) (Dim Zach Edit) (Clean) (Extended) (HD).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\xtendamix\Howard Jones - What Is Love (Clean) (Single).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\xtendamix\Howard Jones - What Is Love (Disco Vinnie Remix) (Clean) (Extended).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\xtendamix\Ramones - I Wanna Be Sedated (Clean) (Single).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\xtendamix\Ramones - Blitzkrieg Bop (Clean) (Single).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\xtendamix\Madonna - Holiday (Barry & Gibbs Edit) (Clean) (Extended).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\xtendamix\Limahl - Never Ending Story (Choppe Davila Remix) (Clean) (Extended).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\xtendamix\Golden Earring - Twilight Zone (Clean) (Single).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\xtendamix\Ramones - Pet Sematary (Clean) (Single).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\xtendamix\Ramones - Sheena Is A Punk Rocker (Clean) (Single).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\xtendamix\Tone Loc - Wild Thing (Clean) (Single).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\xtendamix\Tone Loc - Funky Cold Medina (Clean) (Extended).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\xtendamix\Young MC - Bust A Move (Clean) (Extended).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\xtendamix\Limahl - Never Ending Story (Digital Visions Remix) (Clean) (Extended).mp4

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So we're looking at 723 MP4 files - all looks good.

I can see a few exotic filenames (Chinese?).
What happens if you remove those (temporary) - or can you already see Chinese named files in the 60 it does import?

** before I forget: I assume you have enough diskspace where MovieScanner stores it database?
(forgot where it is stored under Windows - probably C:\Users\[username]\AppData\MovieScanner2, OR if you use it as a portable app, then in the directory where the EXE is stored)

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Topic starter  

Removed the Japanese files, but still got the same results. And yep, checked disk space, and should be sufficient!

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Apologies for calling it Chinese - shows you how limited my knowledge is in these 2 languages.
(cool collection by the way!)

Next guess ... a file may be corrupt/damaged and ffProbe trips over it.
In the ones that got imported (60), do you see any matching order with the list you just posted?

Note: I realize that the order may not have any resemblance with your list ... 

If yes though, what would be the last file (#60) and the following file (#60).
Temporary remove both and try again (assuming you found a pattern).


** If the sequence matches then I'd think maybe one of these 2 may be causing trouble - but this would be a wild guess:

G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Belinda Carlisle - Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Official Video).mp4
G:\vidyas\80s\80s best\Billy Idol - Cradle Of Love (Official Music Video).mp4

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Note: file being corrupt or damaged doesn't mean you cannot play the video. With this I just mean that ffProbe is not liking it for some reason.