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ConnectMeNow - 64 b...
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ConnectMeNow - 64 bit Support  


New Member
Joined: 8 months ago
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October 8, 2019 1:13 PM  

With Catalina upon us, any chance that ConnectMeNow will be recompiled for 64 bit.  This is my go-to app for auto mounting network shares.  Just wondering what might be possible!


Noble Member Admin
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October 9, 2019 12:47 AM  

Hi Ano.pular,

a 64bit version of ConnectMeNow will be released soon.

Unfortunately, life has a tendency to run away with available time .
Besides work and family, the move by Apple to only-64-bit made me have to re-do all my applications, not to mention the introduction of notarizing, even more complicated security issues in Catalina, and the fact that my website needs updating to accommodate PHP 7.x (requirement of Wordpress and my new upcoming server).

I will try to make a Catalina suitable version of the 2.x beta available either today or tomorrow.
This will not be the same as the new version that I'm working on.
This new version is being rebuild from the ground up. I'm making good progress with that, but it's just not yet finished.