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HDCP issues - Exper...
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[Solved] HDCP issues - Experience Report on U9 VHD 1x2MN3D HDMI Splitter

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Here an excellent and full report on the U9 VHD 1x2MN3D HDMI Splitter experiences.

Please find the "experience" report attached... with various photos, screen shots, etc. all referenced by number in the report text.
One of the Tweaking4All users has taken the time to write this report as an end-user with a technology background and considerable life experience!

For more information on how to scan EDID information of your display/splitter/etc:

Please find attached the related documents.

(thanks to the user who provided this extensive info! 👍 )


Other HDMI useful info uncovered during the adventure:

HDMI Uncensored book - Author, Jeffrey Boccaccio, talking about some aspects of the book…

Part 1 - EDID - DCC and I2C Protocol - problems with insufficient rise time on DCC connection

Part 2 - EDID & TDMS - problems with insufficient 5v due to over current draw

Article about HDMI over Cat5/6 transmission equipment from one of the authors company - DPL labs

Uncited quote from the book re: DCC signal problems and quote repeated here, with citation.

Many useful videos - including some by the book author

HDMI Design and Initialization Sequence - CEDIA - Figure 1 is a very nice summary of the HDCP initialization sequence, including EDID and HDCP

This is a great introduction to HDMI, with considerable detail about HDCP.