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[Solved] Lazarus - MacOS - Determine available disk space

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For one of my projects (ApplePi-Baker) I needed the ability to see if there is enough disk space available to store a temporary file.
Unfortunately, some of the system API's give very interesting numbers that were of no use to me.
The function "df" does give good info, but I wanted to avoid using command-line tool.

So this is what I was looking for;

Given the path of a file, for example "/Volumes/LIBREELEC/overlays" (USB drive), or "/users/Username" (Mac system disk), I wanted to know how much space was available on the disk this fpath was stored on.

Lazarus Pascal keeps amazing me with its handy little tools, and this is how it's done (MacOS and probably Linux as well).
First we need to "add" the "disk" using "AddDisk" - it appears we can just enter the path where we'd like to store our data later.
This returns a byte to identify the disk, which is then passed to the function "DiskFree".

uses ... SysUtils ...; // default included in a project
  diskID := AddDisk('/Volumes/LIBREELEC/overlays');
  ShowMessage('Available disk space = '+ IntToStr( DiskFree(diskID) ) + ' bytes');

And that's all there is to it ...