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Turning off Bobligh...
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Turning off Boblight at shutdown & via remote

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Hi all,

About a month or 2 ago, I set up a Boblight system on my TV using Hans' walkthrough here: // I finally managed to get it working with a few pointers (thanks Hanns!), however, at the time I couldn't get the LEDs to power off when I shutdown or suspended my OpenElec box. I had to manually unplug the LEDs each time after I was done with them. This problem randomly went away with the release of OpenElec BETA 2 but was reintroduced in BETA 3. I now want to spend some time addressing it and implement a proper solution. Additionally, I've read articles (albeit a few years old) that seem to point to being about to tie a script to a remote button.

Firstly I would like to resolve this shutdown/suspend/resume issue. It's looking like I need to add some commands to the script to send the "Lights off" command to the Arduino. Once I've nailed this down, I can use the same command and assign it to a remote button for the same effect when I want to switch the lights on and off via the remote.

Does anyone know the command or script that is called to tell the Arduino to kill the LEDs?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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I have not had issue with this ... after a certain idle time, my LEDs dim (I think I did that through the Boblight plugin).

An option to consider, if it's just a matter of switching OFF when you shutdown your HTPC;
Use a relay on the Arduino to switch the power supply for the LEDs ON when the Arduino powers ON.
Once power drops, the relay will release and the power of the LEDs will be switched OFF as well.
Just an idea ... (this Instructable might be helpful!)

I suspect that you can do it with a script as well and assign it a remote control button (although I prefer things to automatically go off).
I did find this topic in the OpenElec Forum. and this one.

There is also something mentioned in the official XBMC Boblight Addon thread.
From that thread:

You can access the settings during video playback. For this just put the file script.xbmc.boblight.keymap.xml found HERE into your "userdata/keymaps" folder.


      <b>Addon.OpenSettings(script.xbmc.boblight)</b> <!-- shortcut key b to boblight settings -->
      <B>Addon.OpenSettings(script.xbmc.boblight)</B> <!-- shortcut key B to boblight settings -->

I did also see this script in (German).

Just some thoughts ... I'll try to look into this some more ... 


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