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Softorino YouTube Converter – Download Videos or Music for Free!

Softorino YouTube Converter – Download Videos or Music for Free!

Softorino has recently released a new tool, and they have outdone themselves again, this time with a YouTube Converter.

You might have read my Windows or MacOS X review on Softorino’s WALTR. In my humble opinion, their WALTR tool is the ultimate tool to transfer and/or convert video, music and ringtones to your iOS device (iPad, iPhone) almost instantly. So this kind-a gives you an idea of what I expect of a Softorino product …

I have not been disappointed … The new app, Softorino YouTube Converter, works super easy and super smooth. I’ve played with other tools, and online services, to save YouTube content in the past, and I never really liked any of them. Softorino YouTube Converter however is a whole different animal … in short: it’s awesome and I highly recommend it. It’s easy, very fast, and skips the annoying ads,… and best of all: it’s FREE!

Since there is so ridiculous much content available on YouTube, this could definitely become and great resource for free music and videos. Either for your iOS device, your Mac OS X computer, or your Windows PC.

So in this article I’ll show you this new application from Softorino, which Josh promised will remain free and is available for MacOS X and Windows (Windows version will be released once it’s out of beta).

Getting Softorino YouTube Converter

Go right up to their website and download this awesome app (it’s free!).

The Windows version should be available shortly after this writing (launch date: late December 2015).

Let me say this up front:
This article was not written to “teach” you how to use Softorino’s YouTube Converter – it’s far to easy to use, so there would be nothing to write. This article will however introduce you to, and show you how ridiculously simple it is to use YouTube Converter.

And don’t forget … it’s FRRRREEEEE!!!!! 

Mac Version

After downloading the DMG …

Installation is just like any other Mac application:

  • Double Click the DMG file,
  • Drag the “Softorino YouTube Converter” application to your “Applications” folder.


Installing YouTube Converter is a breeze

Installing YouTube Converter is a breeze

Windows Version

Installing the Windows version is something I cannot yet describe. It will be released once it’s out of Beta testing.

After its release I will update this article accordingly.

Once Installed…

Once installed, using Softorino’s YouTube Converter is easy.

The short version:
Start YouTube Converter, go to your web-browser and find the YouTube content you’d like to copy, Copy the link, go to the YouTube Converter and click the “Download” button in YouTube Converter. That’s all.

YouTube Converter will grab the YouTube link automatically from the clipboard. So no pasting needed.

I’ll go through 2 examples below, one grabbing a video, the other grabbing music.


YouTube Converter allows you to do a few settings, even though it might not really be needed, but could be convenient for those with devices that cannot play .m4a audio file. If your device requires MP3 (or you prefer MP3), then check the option “Save audio as mp3”.

Here you can also set the default location on your computer, where YouTube should save the downloaded music or video’s.

YouTube Converter - Preferences

YouTube Converter – Preferences

YouTube Converter example – Grab Video’s

Alright, let’s go to YouTube in our web-browser and locate one of the video’s we’d like to download.
Since I think this one is hilarious, we will take this as an example: I want to buy a Google.

When you playback this video, you’ll observe a few things …

  1. Quite often the video starts after having to watch the mandatory ad.
  2. You can’t right click it or anything to save an offline copy.


Now, I can live with the annoying ad, but I refuse to burn cell data when I want to show it to friends when I’m on the road – so I really would like an offline version. This is where YouTube Converter comes in.

Note : The quality of the video or music you download from YouTube will match the quality of the original as seen on YouTube.

Step 1: Start Softorino’s YouTube Converter.

Step 2: Copy the link from your browser.

Tip: You can keep browsing YouTube and keep copying the links of all the video’s you’d like to download. YouTube Converter just keeps adding them to your list. This way YouTube Convert will batch process everything you like.

Copy the YouTube video link from your browser

Copy the YouTube video link from your browser

Step 3: Go to the YouTube Converter App

You’ll notice that the app already picked up the link you copied, so no need for pasting anything.
If you copied multiple link (as shown below), you will see a nice list of all video’s you copied.

YouTube Converter - Grabbed the YouTube link(s)

YouTube Converter – Grabbed the YouTube link(s)

You don’t need a PhD to get what the next step will be.

First we select what video resolution we’d like. Note that next to each video a small indicator shows the native resolution of the video. In this example “360p”. I personally do not think it makes any sense to grab a higher resolution than what the original provides, but I guess you could.

YouTube Converter however handles this really easy. This setting should be seen as “the maximum allowed video resolution“.
If the selected resolution is higher than the original video resolution, YouTube Converter will simply pick the original resolution.

If you only want to grab the audio (see also next example), select “Audio”.

Note: Whichever setting you use will be applied to ALL items in your list.

In this example, I had no iOS device connected to my Mac.
If you did (I’ll show it in my next example): Select to which device the video has to go.

And finally, click the “Download to …” button.

If you did this with your iOS (iPhone/iPad) connected, the screen would look something like this:

YouTube Converter - Convert and Transfer to iOS device

YouTube Converter – Convert and Transfer to iOS device

I have to admit that I was baffled with the speed. It’s FAST. It pretty much uses the Internet bandwidth you have available and in this example it took less than 2 seconds to get the video for “I want to buy a Google”.

When done, a green box will appear notifying you that your download is done.
If you downloaded it to your computer, you can click the magnifying glass to find the file.

YouTube Converter - Done downloading

YouTube Converter – Done downloading

If you transferred the video(s) straight to your iPhone, then you will find them in the “Videos” app under “Home Videos“.
(I shortened this image to save space and bandwidth)

Your YouTube video can be found under "Videos"

Your YouTube video can be found under “Videos”

YouTube Converter example – Grab Music

You’ve kind-a already seen how to grab music, but an example anyway.

Note: Of course this will be a great resource for getting music for free as well, so I can imagine that there will be an audience that would use this App specifically for that purpose.

For this example, we will take a song from Adele: Adele Hello.

As we did with the video:

Copy the URL (a.k.a. “link”) from your browser and YouTube Converter grabs it right away.

The link will be listed in YouTube Converter and again; you can as many links as you’d like to batch process things.

Once you’re done with copying, select “Audio” in YouTube Converter, select the destination device (computer or iOS device), and finally click the “Download to …” (or “Convert and Transfer to …“) button. That’s all.

Downloading music takes up a little bit more time, due to the fact that it needs to be converted (unlike the video’s).


YouTube Converter - Convert and Transfer to iOS device

YouTube Converter – Convert and Transfer to iOS device

By the way: The default audio format will be “.m4a” (MPEG 4 Audio), unless you’ve set the format to “save audio as mp3” in the Preferences of course.

If you downloaded the music straight to your iOS device, you’ll find them under the “Music” app.


If you’d like to use downloaded music/audio as a ringtone ….  

Android devices seem to prefer “.mp3“files, so you might need to set “save audio as mp3” in the preferences.

Apple devices prefer the “.m4r“, which in essence is a “.m4a” file.
Just rename it from “.m4a” to “.m4r” and use Waltr (Windows/MacOSX) or iTunes to send it to your iOS device.



Softorino’s YouTube Converter, which is available for Windows and MacOS X, is not only free, but also ridiculous simple to use and super fast in doing it’s job.

Content (music/video) can be stored directly on you computer, but the support to store straight on you iPhone or iPad device makes this even better and could be considered quite unique. I love it and highly recommend it.

Thank you Josh for yet another great application!

For those interested: The Promo video by Josh!

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  • Apr 26, 2016 - 12:29 AM - clone1612 Comment Link

    Is it possible this app is no longer free? When I got to the website the only options are buying it or grabbing a 14-day trial.



    • Apr 26, 2016 - 3:08 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      According to Joshua;

      Kind of yes, it’s no longer free. It has a trial right now but it’s pretty much a simple trial without a time limit. 

      So the application should remain fully functional even after the so called “trial”. 



  • May 31, 2017 - 2:56 AM - bertibruyn Comment Link

    This is awesome! Great find. I’ve been using Acethinker Video Downloader Online for many years. It is a cloud based software to download videos from websites without install any software in your computer. Simple and free, with no advertising or malware of any kind. Share it here as an alternative to softorino.



    • May 31, 2017 - 8:32 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link

      Hi Bertibruyn,

      Acethinker Video Download is indeed a good tool for those who want to download YouTube (and other) videos.
      I think the strength of Softorino’s tool is how it converts and directly downloads it to iOS devices like iPhone and iPad.
      Thanks for the link though – I’m sure others will benefit from it. 



  • Sep 19, 2017 - 4:49 PM - anas Comment Link

    no have code



  • Feb 7, 2018 - 4:27 AM - Jeff C Comment Link

    4kdownload products are also very good and german engineered, you should give this a look as they update often to keep working.


    Jeff C

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