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UPDATE: WordPress 5.x – Reply Comment button fix (addComment.moveForm)

UPDATE: WordPress 5.x – Reply Comment button fix (addComment.moveForm)

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    Unfortunately, after the update to WP 5.1, the Reply to comment button no longer moved the comment field below the comment you’d like to reply to.
    This has been fixed. For those with a similar problem in WordPress 5.x;

    It seems that the get_comment_reply_link no longer works properly, or maybe I should say “screwed up” the way addComment.moveForm works.
    I fixed this by adding a string replacement in the comment_callback($comment, $args, $depth) function, simply adding the old function incase the new function appeared.

    Effectively replacing:

    data-belowelement="comment-form-here-212086" data-respondelement="respond"

    with the onclick inserted:

    data-belowelement="comment-form-here-212086" onclick="comment-form-here-212086" onclick="return addComment.moveForm( 'comment-form-here-212086', '212086', 'respond', '178' )" data-respondelement="respond"

    PHP Code in functions.php, for the comment call-back:

    $replyButton = str_replace( 'data-belowelement', 'onclick="return addComment.moveForm( \'comment-form-here-'.get_comment_ID().'\', \''.get_comment_ID().'\', \'respond\', \''.get_the_ID().'\' )" data-belowelement', $replyButton);
    echo $replyButton;

    This way the change will only happen when the new method seems to be there, and the new method (if it would ever work in my theme) would still be there as well.

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