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Troy's project

Troy's project

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    Actually that’s what I did when I first started debugging these issues. The issues with the functions started as soon as I enabled a second interrupt button, and it didn’t matter whether they were both external interrupts or pin change interrupts. I tried posting about this on the arduino forum as well but the people there aren’t nearly as helpful as you are. Someone even asked if this code was joke code and that it was badly designed because I had interrupt buttons….all they seemed to do is reference ‘blink without delay’ or nitpick at the code design rather than actually answer any of my questions. 

    At this point I’m resigned to the fact that whatever is causing these issues is something that is above me. I’ll keep attempting to debug but now I’m working on the physical aspect of this project which is PCB prototyping and circuit board design. I’m going to attempt to add some additional functions at a later date but for now this is the final version. I don’t know if I ever mentioned but this code is for an ‘infinity goggle’ project that I think you’ll find very cool/interesting. Once I get my prototype complete I’ll be sure to share the finished result!



    Thanks Troy! 

    Yeah, I’m aware of those kind of people. It’s a reason why I’m always wondering if I should or should not make code open source.
    It’s weird how some people read the question, complain and come with an answer nobody asked for.
    I’m trying to keep my website clean of those kind of comments. I suppose it’s easier to complain than to actually help or publish something people enjoy.
    Oh well … I know my code isn’t perfect … let them show something better … 

    I’m still confused why the 2nd interrupt cause this much problems.
    Maybe another alternative would be something like a
    – multiposition switch to select an effect,
    – potentiometer or another multiposition switch for color,
    – a potentiometer for brightness,
    – and “Apply” button that triggers the interrupt and reads the values of effect, color and brightness.

    Anyhoo – sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.
    I’m curious what your project will look like in the end.
    If you make a video of it (on YouTube for example), then please feel free to post the link here.  



    Well I for one am extremely grateful that you’re willing to keep your code open and share it with the rest of us. I wouldn’t have been able to finish this project without your help. Come to think of it, I don’t think I ever got a single question answered on the arduino forum. Just general statements that were of no help. Anyway, please keep on keeping on, this site is awesome! 

    I’m not sure that a switch like that would work considering how many effects/colors there are. Although its a solid idea but not right for my particular project. The end result is going to be a small circuit board holding the pro trinket, and power boast board with the buttons and on/off switch. That will all be attached to the lipo as one unit and attached to the side of the goggle strap. These goggles are going to be for raves/festivals so I wanted to have a simple three button set up so that someone could easily switch between the sittings without too much hassle. I’m sure they’ll be a huge hit in the music scene! Youtube is a great idea actually, i’ll be sure to make a video and put in a plug for this site! 

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    Thanks Troy – it’s always good to hear that, and definitely motivates me to keep doing what I’m doing 

    It reminds me a little bit about my University days. I wrote my thesis so normal folk would understand it as well (with my thesis presentation I had your peers sitting in, but the majority is family and friends). I really think information like that should be accessible by all people. And we should not “shield” our knowledge by keeping others out, either by poor attitude or by intentionally using language only a few really are familiar with. (I can keep ranting about that for another few hours hahah)

    I do like what you’re building – very cool! And yes I can see switches like that not being practical in that case.
    Looking forward to seeing your end-product! And if something comes to mind I’ll post it here right away.

    Oh and of course; if you have question; you know where to find me.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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