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Shows being rearranged by RMTV

Shows being rearranged by RMTV

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    about a week ago i went to watch a show that i renamed using rmtv and it was the wrong show. i checked two other shows i had that day to see if they were also wrong and sure enough they were. i assumed that somehow i put them in rmtv in the wrong order and didn’t catch it, but then the same thing happened the next day and the next. after the third time i decided to pay close attention to rmtv and saw it change my order itself.  rather than go in to further details i made a video.



    Hi Gravedigger,

    sorry to hear something is going wrong.

    I’m on my way out, so I watched your video in the hopes to be able to give a quick answer or assist in some way.
    However, after watching the video a few times, I think I must be missing what is going wrong.
    The thumbnails before and after renaming seem to match the correct shows (for as far as I can see the filenames).

    Or … Did you mean the order of the files when you drop them on RMTV?
    If so: the order is determined by how the OS hands them over to the application.

    I’ve just tested in macOS (will try later under Linux when I get back), and in macOS it follows the sequence as handed by the OS.
    So when I sort the files (in Finder) by filename, and drag them over to RMTV, then it will be added in the order of “by filename”.
    Just to make sure, I’ve selected the files a few times in a different order (clicking them individually in the wrong order) and RMTV still gets them from Finder in the order displayed in Finder.

    In case this is NOT what you meant, then please let me know the steps and I’ll test it right away.

    On that note: in the next version I’m going to do an attempt to automatically recognize shows/episodes.
    I have to still figure out a lot of work in the background, since this comes with a few complications (eg. what provider to use? pull from database? what if the show doesn’t exist in the database? always update the show while adding? etc).

    But this idea is: drop a file on RMTV and it tries to find the matching show/episode.



    On that note: it seems we like the same TV shows 



    the thumbnails match cause i reordered the shows i dragged over to rmtv. look at the order they are in when i first drag the 5 shows to rmtv. now to be a bit clearer doing it this way is not the only time the shows will be reordered. if i do it show by show it will do it to.

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    “But this idea is: drop a file on RMTV and it tries to find the matching show/episode.”

    like filebot does, cool



    What Linux distro are you using and what file browser (Dolphin?)

    Oh … and where do I get that awesome effect when you close a window  ….

    A test I just did:

    1) set your filebrowser to “details” (or: “list view”) so it lists just the names (and file size etc), but not thumbnails.
    2) select a few files and drag & drop them on RMTV

    Now see if the order did remain the same or not when listed in RMTV.

    I’m just guessing here. Like I said: the OS (or better said: your file browser – my MintLinux uses Nemo) is handing the files in a particular order and RMTV just runs through the provided list from beginning to end without changing anything to the order.

    I have noticed on my Linux setup that when I show the files as thumbnail and set “arrange” to manual, that the order in which it is handed to RMTV is relatively random.

    I could “force” the list to be sorted alphabetically, but this comes with 2 issues;

    1) Different file browsers do not sort the same way (normal vd natural sort, directories first or not, etc).
    2) Not every user wants files to be sorted, and rather would like to use their own order.

    Trying to find the right episode, something I’ll work on some more in the next week, is quite a challenge.
    Like I said:
    – what provider should I pick when a user has multiple providers selected?
    – should I rely on what is in the database?
    – should I always update the database first (potentially slow) to make sure the latest episodes data is there?
    – should I search for missing show data (definitely slower)? And if so: which of the providers should I use.

    Of course, the provider question could be solved by allowing the user to set a search priority.
    Retrieving data (find missing, or just update existing data) may be too slow.

    Anyhoo … I’ll have to do some testing with that.



    LOL DUDE, Manjaro KDE 18.1.5 RC1 Testing Build. Since I’m not sure which affect how about I upload a video I have? Just before a fresh install and about every tweaks I run SimpleScreenRecorder and record EVERY aspect of my desktop from open folders, what widgets I have, system settings, scrolling through the programs listed on the startpanel, etc…. the section you want starts at just after 3 minutes and 50 seconds. as for the files i know it’s doing it so i’ll leave it for now.



    Tried installing it (KDE 18.1.5) on a virtual machine (VMWare Fusion) on my Mac Pro.

    Runs butter smooth and looks great – MUCH better than LinuxMint … 

    Unfortunately I ran into a few issues;

    1) The installer couldn’t create partitions (after several attempts, I managed to do that manually),

    2) It doesn’t natively support DEB or RPM packages, which comes with challenges at times, (read some articles on converting the packages)

    3) The Windows manager crashes quite often in the VM (stuck with a black screen and no controls), and the only thing left to do is reboot. 

    Anyhoo – I really liked the performance though and it definitely looks great, and I’ll give it another try later this week(end) … 

    Thanks for the tip! 



    no it does not support deb or rpm, EVERYTHING you could want IS in the repos already.  should really go through the manjaro forums. almost everyone said stay away from rolling releases you’ll have nothing but problems. i found that to be pure bunk. i hated the fact of upgrading from say kubuntu 19.01 to 19.10 and having to roll software back to it’s previous version cause the new version even though compatible with the older os wasn’t yet compatible with the new os.  the last time i tried manjaro it was 18.1.0 and still had the useless octupi software updater. they changed that out for pamac and installing software rater it be updates, or a prtogram from the community, aur repositories, snap, extra, etc.. is a literal snap. i have personally found a rolling release like manjaro far more stable and solid than any of the static releases i’ve used. if you’re truly interested in running manjaro i’d suggest creating a thread in their forums asking about dualbooting installing it on your current system. i’m AgentX there. i’d give them my system specs from my current linux install to make it easier for them to help you, and yes they do have a very helpful community.

    inxi -Fxxxza



    Thanks for the tip and insight. 

    One of the main reason why I do not run Linux daily is related to what you’re saying.
    Additionally, I’ve noticed that certain distros stick with long-term support which results in (sometimes) horribly outdated libs.
    For example the standard SQLite3 library in the latest LinuxMint is more than 2 years old and seriously outdated.
    Upgrading it a new version is something they do not support, so one has a choice: cause mayhem on your system, or suffer by sticking to the old version.
    So that’s why I keep trying other distros frequently (hence my interest in Manjaro).

    I’m not using dual boot at the moment, and the reason for that is mostly because I develop my apps on macOS, and then start a virtual machine to compile, test, and create distributions for a  Linux or Windows version. Using a VM makes it super easy and very quick to do this and correct shared sources.
    For example: controls and text in an application may position perfect under macOS but be a disaster under Linux as it uses different spacing when positioning controls. So I need to switch back and forth every now and then to see if a change on one platform ruins the version on the other platform. I always use one source for my code, which has to compile correctly on all 3 platforms. This way, when changing things, I don’t have to worry if the functionality got updated for other Operating Systems (I hope that makes sense).

    I’ve looked through the forum a little bit, tring to find a fix for the display issue. I’ll give it another try for sure (creating a new VM while typing this). 



    Alright, I noticed the screen becoming black has to do with support for 3D acceleration (possibly the driver of VMWare).

    This seems to mean that the shattering window (when closing a window) is not supported when 3D acceleration is turned off.

    I’ll keep experimenting. 



    i honestly couldn’t say since if i do use a vm i don’t use any of the desktop eyecany tweaks in it.  



    No worries – I usually disable all the eyecandy as well in a VM.

    After some tinkering (including updating the open-vm-tools) I can clearly state that it’s related to the 3D acceleration.
    Too bad, because otherwise the 3D acceleration was a great option – it did indeed accelerate everything else!

    Oh well, for now I’ll use it without acceleration until I find a fix for it.
    I’ll use Manjaro for a couple weeks and see how well it works out for my purposes. It does look good en is pretty fast compared to other distros I have tested.



    yea once on the desktop it moves like a bat out of hell on a amd am3+ 6300 with 8 gigs ddr3 and a nvidia 750 ti. i had been putting up with about a 50% or so longer boot on reboots than other distros(about a min 30 sec) because of the speed on the desktop and not having to roll software back after a major update.  the other day they did a system update and my boot time is down to under 40 seconds which is what i got use to with other distros, so now i’m doubely happy with manjaro.

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