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Rename My TV Series Not Pulling all Episodes

Rename My TV Series Not Pulling all Episodes

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    So, a few months ago I found this little gem of a software, and was sure to keep an installer for when I had to do a format.

    Anyway, I did one a few days ago, re-installed the exact same version of software I had before. But this time, I’m finding that if I search for a TV series, it’s only pulling a small proportion of the episodes. 

    Eg, Top Gear, only shows up to season 10, NCIS is only showing up to a few episodes of Season 5.

    I’ve tried updated from my 2.0.5 version to 2.0.6, and still no help. 

    Anyone got any suggestions?



    Hi 11ktm300!

    There seem to be some issues going on with TheTVDB lately – I’m guessing these are growing pains as they are migrating to their latest API.

    Some users reported this as well (the number of episodes download is 100 for some odd reason).

    Today this issue seems revolved at TheTVDB, so for the shows affected; click “Force Refresh” to re-download the data from TheTVDB.
    I myself tested it just now (and was able to compare to results from yesterday) and another user (Josh) confirmed this was indeed an issue at TheTVDB.



    Fantastic. It’s all working again.

    Appreciate the reply 



    Thanks 11ktm300 and you’re most welcome.

    Also: thanks for using the forum! 

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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