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MacOS – How to search file content from command line (Terminal)

macOS – How to search file content from command line (Terminal)

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    So, in the past years most of us may have ran into issues of Spotlight being far from perfect (why did google Desktop disappear!?).
    Sometimes I find myself needing to find a phrase, or piece of text; see in what file(s) this piece of text occurs … and Spotlight is not finding it, and PathFinder (crap search as well) is not finding it either.

    After a while I found a way to do this in Terminal, which seems VERY reliable.
    The following will search the content of ALL files in the given path, for a given text:

    grep -r 'yourtext' path

    For example when I’m looking for what files contain the text ‘addObserver’, in my Lazarus Pascal directory, then this will give me the answer:

    grep -r 'addObserver' ~/freepascal/lazarus/

    Hope others find this useful as well …

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