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MacOS – Dropbox – How to remove "Move to Dropbox" in Finder

macOS – Dropbox – How to remove "Move to Dropbox" in Finder

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    Dropbox is awesome, in my opinion anyway.

    There are only two things that bother me;

    1) Aliases/Symbolic links are followed and completely synced …

    Not bad on it’s own, unless you’re a developer and have a shortcut to “Applications” for making DMG files. The entire freakin’ Applications directory gets synced as well and guess what: your Dropbox account will be full in no time … and we didn’t ask for this!
    Still have to find a fix for that one …

    2) The “Move to Dropbox” option in Finder (right click a file) …

    I NEVER use this option and instead frequently click it by accident instead of a “Move to Trash”.
    This one can be removed easily though.

    – Open a Terminal Window
    – Type:

    /Applications/ --move-to-dropbox=False

    Dropbox will now remove the option from the Finder contextual menu … awesome! 

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