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LEDEeffects Sources_V2

LEDEeffects Sources_V2

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    Hello Hans,
    First of all thank you for your effort and work on the “LEDEeffects Sources”!
    Unfortunately, I am a total newcomer regarding Arduino, so my attempts to program each one effect individually failed.
    I was not able to get each effect individually and adjust them on NeonPixel.
    Therefore I would like to ask you for some help. Perhaps you can extract the effects from the FastLED examples ColorPalette.ino and prepare all effects individually, so that I can use it with NeonPixel. I mean the same procedure as you done it with LEDEeffects Sources V1.
    I hope that you can help me and others with the new version. I will be happy and thankful with pleasure if you able to create a LEDEeffects Sources v2. It has so many beautiful effects as examples available, which I would use with NeonPixel together.
    Thank you and kind regards




    Here is a link that shows you everything

    Arduino – LEDStrip effects for NeoPixel and FastLED

    Hans did a pile of work to put all of that together.  Hope that helps answer your Q.

    Is there a v2 with different effects or is that just all of those same effects put together for ppl who want to run all of them?



    Thanks @ohno for chiming in! 

    @xdux; The described effects, if you followed the steps, should work just fine with NeoPixel – it’s actually the main reason why I wrote the effectscode the way I did. Maybe I’m not understanding you question all that well, so please feel free to let me know … 



    Sorry, my English is not the best one. I think I have explained something wrong. The effects of Hans LED Eeffects Sources_v1 are with 19 different effects and work with FastLED and NeonPixel very well.  Therefore this tutorial is very understandable.

    In FastLED examples there are other nice effects that I can not use in NeonPixel. This is what I tried to explain in my post before. I would kindly ask you to create the v2 to extend already the existing 19 effects. It is a very useful collection effects NOT ONLY for beginners.



    Ah! Now I understand what you mean – my apologies. 

    Well, I’d have to make time to convert those as well, and even see which ones are missing.
    Do you know which effects are missing?

    Also keep in mind; it feels like FastLED is more advanced than NeoPixel, so some effects might be too complex to convert.



    Is there a reason for wanting to use NEOPIXEL?  I am no expert but everything I have used for my LED shows has been for FastLED.  Hans mentioned on the site that FastLED is faster. 

    There is a cool show called Know How on the Twit network (  They make projects such as a parking sensor which lights up LEDs progressively as your car approaches the end of its parking spot in the garage.  Another project was an LED based grow system with fans and adjustable 3D printed frame with automatic plant watering solenoids.  All of this uses FastLED also.

    All you need to do to make the FastLED scripts work is to install the library.  Here is a tutorial on how to install FastLED, don’t worry its easy.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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