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Lazarus – macOS – Request Admin Authentication

Lazarus – macOS – Request Admin Authentication

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    Sometimes one needs to verify if the user is admin and has the appropriate right to access a certain function.
    there are under macOS several ways to do this, but to use the proper API call in Lazarus Pascal, you can try this function I created.
    It triggers a Admin authentication request and returns either TRUE or FALSE.

    Uses ... MacOSAll ...
    {$linkframework Security}
    function TfmMain.VerifyAdminLogin:boolean;
      authRef: AuthorizationRef;
      authFlags: AuthorizationFlags;
      authRights: AuthorizationRights;
      authItem: AuthorizationItem;
      authItem.flags := 0; := kAuthorizationRightExecute;
      authItem.value := nil;
      authItem.valueLength:= 0;
      authRights.count := 1;
      authRights.items := @authItem;
      authRef := nil;
      authFlags := kAuthorizationFlagInteractionAllowed or kAuthorizationFlagExtendRights or kAuthorizationFlagPreAuthorize;
      status := AuthorizationCreate(@authRights, kAuthorizationEmptyEnvironment, authFlags, authRef);
      Result := status=errAuthorizationSuccess;
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