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Lazarus – cint or integer to boolean

Lazarus – cint or integer to boolean

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    Sometimes, especially when using C-libraries, a function may return an integer or a cint (C-integer) where one would expect a boolean.

    To convert this integer value to a boolean, a few facts first;

    The value for “False” is typically stored as 0 (zero),
    and the value for “True” is typically anything else (non-zero).

    Most of the time “True” returns as “-1” which is because the Boolean data type is stored as a 16-bit signed integer.
    In this construct −1 (true) evaluates to 16 binary 1’s (11111111 11111111),
    and 0 (false) as 16 binary 0’s (00000000 00000000 – the Boolean value False). 

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