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IPhone – How to get your phone in "Field Test Mode"?

iPhone – How to get your phone in "Field Test Mode"?

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Home Forums Mobile Devices iOS Devices iPhone – How to get your phone in "Field Test Mode"?

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    Normally you see just bars on your iPhone to indicate signal strength … well, it’s a pretty rough (and unreliable) scale when you’re testing signal strength.

    You can however see your signal in dB (and a LOT more info) when you’re going in to field test mode.

    On your phone dial the following number (enter the number and press “Call”):


    Your screen will change and show a lot of additional cell info.
    “PDP Context Info” for example (under one of the numbers) shows your IPv4 IP address for the cellphone data network. Cool beans!

    The usual bars (upper left corner) now show signal strength. If you ignore the minus: the lower the number, the better your reception. 

    If you leave the “Field Test” application, you’ll be seeing your regular bars again. 



    p.s. you can make this (semi) permanent:

    1) Go to the Field Test app as described above.
    2) In the Field Test app, press the power button unti your iPhone asks if you’d like to power down – do not power down.
    3) Press the “Home” button and keep it pressed until the Field Test app shows again.

    You can undo this by going back into the Field Test app and simply exit the app again and your bars will be back.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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