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Developing with Lazarus under MacOS X (macOS)

Developing with Lazarus under MacOS X (macOS)

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    A continuation of the Lazarus on Mac discussion under the ConnectMeNow article:

    look at this link

    and see message (0086388)Zeljan Rikalo : Work fine here. 

    he talk about linux. I was asked osx. and this is not first answer like this. mattias has a same answer on mail list, different topic. And when clik to compile button, show compiler message, In delphi still continue. mattias remove it and in mail list him answered for this “On 13-08-2014 13:00, Mattias Gaertner wrote:

    > I never use it. Maybe this dialog can be removed.” this answer after removed.

    So I wrote dentist click application, it was finished. I worked as long as 3(three) years just with this project. finally, I delete lazarus, fpc and ALL MY PROJECT that project never trustable. that project is just home work, and can be just hobby. So no need to talk about them. I lost three years, if I were you, you don’t wanna loose 1 second about them.



    I understand the frustration … I completely do. What is worse though: I haven’t found anything else comparable to Delphi for the macOS platform.

    Also keep in mind that FPC and Lazarus greatly depend on help from the community. Obviously that comes with helpful folks that do not always read the details of a bug report. I guess we have to be a little bit forgiving, since they already do such great work.

    As with all open source projects, WordPress one of the biggest “offenders” IMO, sometimes decisions are made that do not always “please” the users, and the user get’s a not so amusing surprised when the change has been implemented. 
    I guess here the same count: Participate in bug fixing, development, discussion.

    By the way: I’m open to better alternatives, I just haven’t found any … 



    After reading the whole post, I can catch more information about Mac os x. But now, much data have updated. 

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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