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Rename My TV Series...
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Rename My TV Series v2.1.1-renaming a merged file

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Hi- I like Rename My TV Series v2.1.1. Nice job. I am doing something wrong, I have a series "Courage the Cowardly 
rDog which has multiple episodes E01-02; E03-E04; E05-E06 etc to E26. I can not figure out how to rename multiple episodes. I tried everything and I am exhausted, pls assist. I see merging episodes instructions, but I can not make v2.1.1 work.  Could you direct me where and possibly a tutorial?  

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Thank you for liking the application! 👍 

I assume you mean that the episodes are already merged into one single video file?
For example the file xyz.mp4 holds Episode 01 and Episode 02, and you want to name it something like:

Courage the Cowardly Dog - 01x01x02 - title.mp4

Where the first "01" = season, the second "01" and the "02" are the episode numbers.

In that case:

Step 1: Select the show "Courage the Cowardly Dog"

Step 2: Add the video file to RMTV (drag and drop will work)

Step 3: Add episode 1 and 2 of the first season the the "Selected Episodes" list - you can do this by double clicking the "Episodes" list.

Step 4: select both episodes in the "Selected Episodes" list

Step 5: right click the selected episodes nd select "Merge 2 episodes"

See screenshot below:



Now, you didn't mention if you're running Windows, Linux or MacOS, so I'll just mention that Windows has some odd behaviour when it comes to right clicking.
When right clicking: keep SHIFT pressed, otherwise the selection changes.

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p.s. note the small "(2)" in front of the new filename - this is NOT part of the filename and only there to indicate that 2 episodes have been merged to one name.

Also note: merging episodes will only have an effect on the filename, and not on the actual video file.
Meaning: RMTV will not merge 2 video files to 1 video file.


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